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 on: August 01, 2006, 04:47:53 PM 
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CPR was formed to be an encouragement to those going through marriage separation, divorce and the remarriage of a covenant spouse. Our belief is based upon Matthew 19:4-5, that marriage is between one man and one woman until death do us part. We believe that to marry someone that is divorced with a living spouse is the sin of adultery, based upon Luke 16:18. Please make careful consideration when joining this site. We are a first marriage covenant site.

Do not post prayer requests or anything personal to this forum area, as this is only intended to be a visable, the only visable, forum to non-registered guests. Whatever you post here will be seen by the public eye, as it is not a hidden forum and is not intended for registered members to post requests or questions, etc. There are areas for those things that cannot be viewed by the public non-registered persons in order to keep your personal posts safe.

This forum area was created to let guests and vistors know that they cannot access the rest of the board area without first registering and for those persons to ask or note any problems they may be having in registering to the board so that we can help them accomplish that.


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