By Kristie, CPR Minister

There are two worlds here, this world below the clouds, the physical realm, and the spiritual world/realm above them.

When God cast satan down, he was given dominion in this world, the physical realm, the one we walk and see in. Therefore satan is able to attack us here and make things happen here that we can see and touch on. But Jesus already defeated him here and in the spiritual realm, he is defeated period in our lives. He knows that well. He does things to us here to make us believe that he is not defeated and that he can do these things and get away with them. The truth is, he cannot, he has no authority to do anything to us, Jesus took that away from him on the cross.

So when we pray and seek God to help us, rescue us, it is done. When we ask Him to restore our spouses back to us, it is done the second we ask Him to to it. This is what happens when we ask Him to restore our marriages.

God is up there in the spiritual realm and satan and his demons are also up there in the spiritual realm. They are in a area that lies just below where God is, actually a third realm area that lies between God and this world, the physical realm. The spirital realm is a realm that we cannot see with our physical eyes, but note we can see it when we root deeply into God and open our spiritual eyes and ears, which comes by faith, and faith comes by His word. So when you root deeply in His word and know that it cannot fail, it is the only truth, and you let nothing distract you from it, you can get into spirit instead of the flesh which is in this world.

But anyway, Your request goes up to Gods throne and immediately it manifests in the spiritual realm. But now it has to get from way up there where God is, to way down here in the worldly physical realm where we are, and manifest here. To do that, it has to pass through the third realm area where satan and his demons are at. Gods angels have to carry the answer, your restoration and marriage healed, through that realm where the enemy is. That is where a great battle takes place because satan and his demons (the 1/3 of Gods angels that sided with satan and were cast down with him, now called dark angels, or better known as demons) try to fight Gods angels as they bring it through. But note that they cannot win the battle, they are not strong enough to win it, it was already done by Jesus. The only way they can win it is for you to give up and say it is hopeless, for you to not believe it is coming.

It is your faith in what God says, in His word, and in Gods angels to bring it through to you in the physcial world, that wins that battle and brings the answer on through. When we ask God for something, He immediately answers us and dispatches His angels to bring it to us, but they have to fight it through the resistance of satan and his demons, and this is why the time lapse between when we ask and when it happens for us.

Dan 10:11 The angel said to me, "Daniel, God loves you. Stand up and listen carefully to what I am going to say. I have been sent to you." When he had said this, I stood up, still trembling.
Dan 10:12 Then he said, "Daniel, don't be afraid. God has heard your prayers ever since the first day you decided to humble yourself in order to gain understanding. I have come in answer to your prayer.
Dan 10:13 The angel prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief angels, came to help me, because I had been left there alone in Persia.

Daniel prayed and God immediately dispatched His angel with the answer, but he had to fight his way through satans (the angel prince of the kingdom of Persia) opposition to deliver it, and that is why it took 21 days for Daniels answer to come.

As soon as we ask for our marriage to be restored and healed, God does it for us, but the time we wait to see it is the time it is taking Gods angels to bring it to this physical realm so it can manifest in the physical for us. Our faith in it being done and on its way can and will affect the time it takes. It is our believing God for what we have asked, trusting in Him that it is on the way, and knowing without a doubt that is done and on the way, that helps bring it on through. When we doubt, or say things that show that we doubt, we strengthen satans opposition to it. The angels have to fight harder and longer against satan and his demons to get it through.

I Hope this helps you, because you have to get your mind and faith in the right place so they can bring it through. You have to set your faith rock solid and declare and believe that it is done and on the way, nothing less. To say anything less, then it causes a harder fight between them. IF you doubt and confess with your mouth anything negative, then that negative word probably will manifest, because basically you have given permission for there to be what you said because you believed it and now satan can exercise it, manifest it, on what you believe. This is why you only believe God and what He says. You only believe that God is restoring your marriage and everything is alright, and that is what you speak. Because it is truth, you are just waiting for His angels to get it to you. Do not let satan work on your mind and your emotions by what you see here in the physical, because he operates here, but what is here is not what is real and on the way to you. We walk by faith, not by sight, again scripture, Gods word, because of what I just told you. What you see here is not what is real once you asked God to help you. What you asked for has already happened, it is done in the spiritual realm, so it is done here in the physical realm as well, but you are not seeing it yet because it is still on the way.

If for example you asked your dad to loan you $100 because you cannot pay your electric bill that is due in seven days for disconnect, and he said yes, and you know when your dad says yes, he will keep his word and send it, and he said he would put it in the mail immediately that moment, then you would know without a doubt that it is on the way. Your problem is not solved yet because the money is not in your hand yet, but you relax, cheer up and know that it is solved because the money is on the way and will get here in time. You are rescued and everything is going to be okay, it is on the way and all is well.

This is the same as with your prayers. Your Heavenly Fathers answers are always yes and amen. He put it in the mail that moment that you asked for it and it is on the way, and it will get here on time because God is always on time.

The only time the answer is late, is when you doubt. Then it is like everytime you doubt, that money in the mail gets held up in the post office because it fell out of the carriers bag on the way out. It is not lost or gone, it just is delayed now. It is still at the post office and the postmaster finds it and puts back in the next days delivery. You can even delay that money so long by doubting that the electric gets shut off, but it will still come through to you when you can get rock solid enough in your faith that it makes it out with the carrier finally. Then it arrives, finally, and you get the electric turned back on. God is never so late that the lights stay out. God was not late to start with, it was you that delayed the mail, not Him.

I love when God gives me parables like that.

I hope this helps some of you. You need to just trust God for your marriage healing, because marriage healing is a subject in the bible, the promises of God, that are crystal clear. He does not want you divorced, He wants you and your spouse married for a lifetime, one man married to one woman for life. He hates divorce (Malichi). So much that He says the one who would do such a cruel thing to their spouse is cut off from Him, He will not listen to their crys or prayers. When you ask God to help your marriage, you can count on the fact that He sent the help and your restoration the second you asked, His word says so.

God bless all of you...


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