Kristie Shrieves, Pastor
Covenant Partner Restoration Marriage Ministry

What God says about marriage:

It is written, Mat 19:5 And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Mat 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

It is written, Mar 10:7 'And for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, Mar 10:8 and the two will become one.' So they are no longer two, but one. Mar 10:9 No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together."

It is written, 1Co 7:2 But because there is so much immorality, every man should have his own wife, and every woman should have her own husband. 1Co 7:3 A man should fulfill his duty as a husband, and a woman should fulfill her duty as a wife, and each should satisfy the other's needs. 1Co 7:4 A wife is not the master of her own body, but her husband is; in the same way a husband is not the master of his own body, but his wife is.
1Co 7:5 Do not deny yourselves to each other, unless you first agree to do so for a while in order to spend your time in prayer; but then resume normal marital relations. In this way you will be kept from giving in to Satan's temptation because of your lack of self-control.

It is written, Ecc 9:9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.

It is written, Eph 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. Eph 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. Eph 5:23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Eph 5:24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Eph 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; Eph 5:28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. Eph 5:29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:
Eph 5:30 For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.
Eph 5:31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. Eph 5:33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.

He tells us not to unequally yoke however. About the unbeliever and a Christian, this is Gods word:
It is written, 2Co 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 2Co 6:15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial (Satan)? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel (unfaithful person)?

What God says about divorce:

It is written, Mal 2:14 You ask why he no longer accepts them (your prayers). It is because he knows you have broken your promise to the wife you married when you were young. She was your partner, and you have broken your promise to her, although you promised before God that you would be faithful to her. Mal 2:16 "I hate divorce," says the LORD God of Israel. "I hate it when one of you does such a cruel thing to his wife. Make sure that you do not break your promise to be faithful to your wife."

It is written, Mat 5:31 It was said also, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:
It is written, Mat 5:32 but I say unto you, that every one that putteth away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, maketh her an adulteress: and whosoever shall marry her when she is put away committeth adultery.

It is written, Mat 19:3 And there came unto him Pharisees, trying him, and saying, Is it lawful for a man to put away his wife for every cause? Mat 19:4 And he answered and said, Have ye not read, that he who made them from the beginning made them male and female, Mat 19:5 and said, For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh? Mat 19:6 So that they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mat 19:7 They say unto him, Why then did Moses command to give a bill of divorcement, and to put her away?
Mat 19:8 He saith unto them, Moses gave you permission to divorce your wives because you are so hard to teach. But it was not like that at the time of creation. Mat 19:9 And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and he that marrieth her when she is put away committeth adultery.

The laws of Moses states that a man can put away his wife if he finds her to not be a virgin on the wedding night, she has therefore fornicated with another while single, (see Gods intended marriage covenant) and because they have hardened their hearts to her because of this. Moses law for adultery was death period. When the bible was translated into different versions, the New International version I believe is the one, came out with the alteration to some of the scriptures concerning divorce, substituting the word adultery for fornication, much to mans hopefulness that they could use it as an excuse, but the original version as well as the KJ, reads correctly, it is fornication and Jesus said that to divorce your spouse except for fornication, and marry another is adultery. Get it straight Christians!

Dictionary definition of the two different things:
Fornication: consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other
Adultery: voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband

Note Jesus is referring to Moses laws, and adultery held a sentence of death in Moses laws.

Moses law concerning adultery: It is written, Lev 20:10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbor's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death. (You cannot divorce a dead person, that marriage ends with the spouses death by stoning.)

Why did Moses allow divorce for the man who found out his new bride was not a virgin? God compares the marriage covenant of a husband and wife to our salvation covenant with Jesus, this is why there is much reference in the bible between the two. He calls Jesus the Husband and we the children of God the bride of Christ. He talks about the wedding feast. When God created man and woman, and marriage, God intended it to be a blood covenant. Jesus shed His blood for us, sealing our salvation when we accept Him. It is a blood covenant between us and our Lord. It was the blood that sealed our salvation. God intended for man and woman to be pure until marriage. The vows are spoken, and these spoken vows are serious and binding with God, as we will speak of in a moment, but then on the wedding night the vows were sealed with the consummation of the marriage, the couple coming together. There was blood shed by the woman with this consummation. If the woman is not a virgin, the blood was not shed. Therefore Moses allowed the man to put her away, immediately mind you, and only because of the man hardening his heart because of it. This because God takes the vow even more seriously then the blood, as again we will note on vows here shortly.

It is written, Mar 10:2 Some Pharisees came to him and tried to trap him. "Tell us," they asked, "does our Law allow a man to divorce his wife?" Mar 10:3 Jesus answered with a question, "What law did Moses give you?" Mar 10:4 Their answer was, "Moses gave permission for a man to write a divorce notice and send his wife away." Mar 10:5 Jesus said to them, "Moses wrote this law for you because you are so hard to teach. Mar 10:6 But in the beginning, at the time of creation, 'God made them male and female,' as the scripture says. Mar 10:7 'And for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and unite with his wife, Mar 10:8 and the two will become one.' So they are no longer two, but one. Mar 10:9 No human being must separate, then, what God has joined together."

It is written, Luk 16:18 "Any man who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery; and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

It is written, Rom 7:2 A married woman, for example, is bound by the law to her husband as long as he lives; but if he dies, then she is free from the law that bound her to him. Rom 7:3 So then, if she lives with another man while her husband is alive, she will be called an adulteress; but if her husband dies, she is legally a free woman and does not commit adultery if she marries another man.

The exception law - the only reason God allows divorce, but does not approve even then.

It is written, 1Co 7:10 For married people I have a command which is not my own but the Lord's: a wife must not leave her husband; 1Co 7:11 but if she does, she must remain single or else be reconciled to her husband; and a husband must not divorce his wife. 1Co 7:12 To the others I say if a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her. 1Co 7:13 And if a Christian woman is married to a man who is an unbeliever and he agrees to go on living with her, she must not divorce him. 1Co 7:14 For the unbelieving husband is made acceptable to God by being united to his wife, and the unbelieving wife is made acceptable to God by being united to her Christian husband. If this were not so, their children would be like pagan children; but as it is, they are acceptable to God. 1Co 7:15 However, if the one who is not a believer wishes to leave the Christian partner, let it be so. In such cases the Christian partner, whether husband or wife, is free to act. God has called you to live in peace. 1Co 7:16 How can you be sure, Christian wife, that you will not save your husband? Or how can you be sure, Christian husband, that you will not save your wife?

Summery of the word: God says no man can separate a marriage. Marriage is a covenant vow, blood vow compared to the covenant between Christ & the saved in Christ. It is a vow made to God between the husband and wife, between God and the two persons, a three fold cord. Ecc 4:12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken. God says: It is written, Deu 23:21 "When you make a vow to the LORD your God, do not put off doing what you promised; the LORD will hold you to your vow, and it is a sin not to keep it. It is written, Heb 6:16 When we make a vow, we use the name of someone greater than ourselves, and the vow settles all arguments. It is written, Num 30:2 If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth. It is written, Ecc 5:2 Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter any thing before God: for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth: therefore let thy words be few. It is written, Ecc 5:4 When thou vowest a vow unto God, defer not to pay it; for he hath no pleasure in fools: pay that which thou hast vowed. Ecc 5:5 Better is it that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay. Ecc 5:6 Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error: wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands? God says if you divorce your spouse and marry another, it is adultery, and if you marry another mans wife consider it double adultery because that is two marriages still bound before God in a vow. This is because the vow is a three fold cord, one breaking it leaves 2/3 intact. If God acknowledged the marriage to the adulteress as a marriage, He would not call it adultery….definition: having sex with someone besides your spouse. Therefore then, who is still the spouse that is being sinned against? The spouse you divorced, because that vow is still valid in Gods eyes and not broken by a man (judge) with a piece of paper, for He says that no man shall tear asunder what He has joined together. How does a covenant marriage vow become completely severed in Gods eyes? It is three fold, if both spouses of the covenant walk away and remarry, then 2/3 of the covenant are broken and then it is completely broken, just leaving God the only one standing in the covenant, but it was against His laws so this is why both re-marriages will suffer and be worse then the one you left, because it was sinning against God and we reap what we sow. It is written, Gal 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The only reason God gives for us to divorce is if unequally yoked with a unbeliever, but then He hates divorce so much that He notes that we are not to leave them, we are only to let them go if they choose to go, for they are sanctified with God through the believing spouse.

So God does acknowledge and honor second or more marriages under the specifications of the word. 1. In the case of death of the spouse of course. 2.If you were married to an unbeliever and they left you and divorced, then this is the only one that you are not bound under the law, and will not reap from it. If you left them and divorced them, you will reap. 3. We do things also before we come to Christ, we were sinners, and those who divorced prior to salvation, you were cleansed of all prior sin when you came to Jesus, it was cast out to sea. But once you accept Him and belong to Him, you will reap for going against His word. Some Christians did not know the word on marriage and divorce, or were led astray by a minister who is not teaching the true word, then you need to ask forgiveness and repent…make it right, do His word and go back to the Christian spouse you left if they remain unmarried still, because God still holds that covenant valid, even if you have remarried; because your current marriage is then adultery period…God says so. Or you must remain alone as His word says.

It is written, Act 17:30 And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: Act 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Repent: to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life.

If you divorced and remarried another, and your previous Christian spouse has themselves also remarried, then the three fold cord is severed, but you will both reap for it, count on it and this may be why the discord in your current marriage and why it is failing as well. Where God recognizes second or more marriages is: If your previous spouse was not a believer and they left you, and when the vow with your previous spouse has suffered a complete severance by both of you having remarried. Again, He is not happy about it, but then you are to ask forgiveness and go and sin no more! To keep repeating sin is iniquity. Do not divorce again, make this one work!

It is written, 2Ti 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.
It is written, Luk 13:27 But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.
It is written, Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
It is written, Mat 13:41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
It is written, Mat 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (A believer who commits iniquity will lose God, their love for Him shall wax cold, and they shall not go to Heaven).
It is written, Rom 6:19 I speak after the manner of men because of the infirmity of your flesh: for as ye have yielded your members servants to uncleanness and to iniquity unto iniquity; even so now yield your members servants to righteousness unto holiness.

To scripturally back up the recognition of remarriage, we will find it in:
It is written: Deu 24:1 When a man hath taken a wife, and married her, and it come to pass that she find no favour in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness (moral impurity such as fornication) in her: then let him write her a bill of divorcement, and give it in her hand, and send her out of his house. Deu 24:2 And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man's wife. Deu 24:3 And if the latter husband hate her, and write her a bill of divorcement, and giveth it in her hand, and sendeth her out of his house; or if the latter husband die, which took her to be his wife; Deu 24:4 Her former husband, which sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after that she is defiled; for that is abomination before the LORD: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance.

Let me explain further. Back in old testament times, men typically had more then one wife. Scripturally it is not really explained the why, but logically women in old testament times were totally dependant on man for survival. There are scriptural laws that concern the widow, whereas the widow was to be betrothed by a kinsman of the deceased husband, ie: Ruth and Boaz for example. God made sure that women were provided for by man. We can also logically consider that in the beginning of time, the main objective was to populate the world God created for us. You will note in scripture, the way it is addressed in context, most scriptures concerning marriage, divorce speak directly to men concerning wives. But men being the head of the home, scripture was written towards the man and he was to lead the women in the word. Jesus also was responding to men, the Pharisees in the marriage/divorce scriptures and put it in context to men and their wives. This is yet another passage that speaks of the wife in context, but do not be fooled, the scriptures and law of God apply to both sexes. Most likely the representative husband in this scriptural teaching had other wives as was typical back when it was written. This wife was put out, another man took her in and then put her out himself, and it is stating that she cannot go back to the first husband or it would be a defilement. When we get to the new testament Jesus addresses the multiple wives issue and it is no longer acceptable to have multiple wives. He says one man to one woman in the new testament, for life. But where there is remarriage of both parties, they are not to back track as the word says, they are to go and sin no more. New binding vows have been made with God by both parties, and vows are binding.

What God says about adultery:

The most serious of all…. It is written, Jam 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

Those in adultery are enemies of God.

It is written, Exo 20:14 Thou shalt not commit adultery.

It is written, Deu 5:18 Neither shalt thou commit adultery.

It is written, Mat 5:27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: Mat 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. Mat 5:29 And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. Mat 5:30 And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. Mat 5:31 It hath been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement: Mat 5:32 But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

It is written, Lev 18:20 And you may not have sex relations with your neighbour's wife, making yourself unclean with her.

It is written, Heb 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

It is written, Pro 2:16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words; Pro 2:17 Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God. Pro 2:18 For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead. Pro 2:19 None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life.

And will the spouse remain happy with the adulteress? No, God says:

It is written, Pro 5:3 For the lips of a strange woman drop honey, And her mouth is smoother than oil: Pro 5:4 But in the end she is bitter as wormwood, Sharp as a two-edged sword. Pro 5:5 Her feet go down to death; Her steps take hold on Sheol (Hell); Pro 5:6 So that she findeth not the level path of life: Her ways are unstable, and she knoweth it not. Pro 5:7 Now therefore, my sons, hearken unto me, And depart not from the words of my mouth. Pro 5:8 Remove thy way far from her, And come not nigh the door of her house (Not just do not sleep with her, do not go near her); Pro 5:9 Lest thou give thine honor unto others, And thy years unto the cruel; Pro 5:10 Lest strangers be filled with thy strength, And thy labors be in the house of an alien, Pro 5:11 And thou mourn at thy latter end, When thy flesh and thy body are consumed,

It is written, Pro 5:20 And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger? Pro 5:21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of the LORD, and he pondereth all his goings. Pro 5:22 His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins. Pro 5:23 He shall die without instruction; and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.

It is written, Pro 6:26 For on account of a harlot a man is brought to a piece of bread; And the adulteress hunteth for the precious life.
Pro 6:27 Can a man take fire in his bosom, And his clothes not be burned? Pro 6:28 Or can one walk upon hot coals, And his feet not be scorched? Pro 6:29 So he that goeth in to his neighbor's wife; Whosoever toucheth her shall not be unpunished.

It is written, Pro 6:32 He that committeth adultery with a woman is void of understanding: He doeth it who would destroy his own soul.
Pro 6:33 Wounds and dishonor shall he get; And his reproach shall not be wiped away.

It is written, Pro 7:10 And, behold, there met him a woman With the attire of a harlot, and wily of heart. Pro 7:11 She is clamorous and willful; Her feet abide not in her house: Pro 7:22 He goeth after her straightway, As an ox goeth to the slaughter, Or as one in fetters to the correction of the fool; Pro 7:23 Till an arrow strike through his liver; As a bird hasteth to the snare, And knoweth not that it is for his life. Pro 7:26 For she hath cast down many wounded: Yea, all her slain are a mighty host. Pro 7:27 Her house is the way to Sheol (Hell), Going down to the chambers of death.

It is written, Pro 9:13 The foolish woman is full of noise; she has no sense at all. Pro 9:14 Seated at the door of her house, in the high places of the town, Pro 9:15 Crying out to those who go by, going straight on their way, she says: Pro 9:16 Whoever is simple, let him come in here: and to him who is without sense, she says: Pro 9:17 Drink taken without right is sweet, and food in secret is pleasing. Pro 9:18 But he does not see that the dead are there, that her guests are in the deep places of the underworld.

It is written, Lev 20:10 And the man that committeth adultery with another man's wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour's wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

It is written, Pro 22:14 The mouth of strange women is a deep hole: he with whom the Lord is angry will go down into it.

It is written, Pro 23:27 For a loose woman is a deep hollow, and a strange woman is a narrow water-hole.

What does God say about someone in adultery?

It is written, Eph 5:5 For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

They are not going to Heaven if caught in that adultery!! And none of us know the hour of our death.

Will the adulterous spouse and the adulteress/adulterer they are with, get away with their sin? :

It is written, Eph 5:5 Being certain of this, that no man who gives way to the passions of the flesh, no unclean person, or one who has desire for the property of others, or who gives worship to images, has any heritage in the kingdom of Christ and God. Eph 5:6 Do not be turned from the right way by foolish words; for because of these things the punishment of God comes on those who do not put themselves under him.

It is written, Exo 20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife (See again Eph 5:5 …. or one who has desire for the property of others.. has any heritage in the kingdom of Christ and God), nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

It is written, Hos 2:5 For their mother hath played the harlot: she that conceived them hath done shamefully: for she said, I will go after my lovers, that give me my bread and my water, my wool and my flax, mine oil and my drink. Hos 2:6 Therefore, behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns, and make a wall, that she shall not find her paths.

It is written, Hos 2:9 So I will take away again my grain in its time and my wine, and I will take away my wool and my linen with which her body might have been covered. Hos 2:10 And now I will make her shame clear before the eyes of her lovers, and no one will take her out of my hand. Hos 2:11 And I will put an end to all her joy, her feasts, her new moons, and her Sabbaths, and all her regular meetings. Hos 2:12 And I will make waste her vines and her fig-trees, of which she has said, These are the payments which my lovers have made to me; and I will make them a waste of trees, and the beasts of the field will take them for food. Hos 2:13 And I will give her punishment for the days of the Baals (obeying satan and being his child instead of Gods), to whom she has been burning perfumes, when she made herself fair with her nose-rings and her jewels, and went after her lovers, giving no thought to me, says the Lord.

It is written, Jer 7:9 Will ye steal, murder, and commit adultery, and swear falsely, and burn incense unto Baal, and walk after other gods whom ye know not;

It is written, Eze 16:36 This is what the Sovereign LORD says: "You stripped off your clothes, and like a prostitute, you gave yourself to your lovers and to all your disgusting idols, and you killed your children as sacrifices to idols. Eze 16:37 Because of this I will bring all your former lovers together---the ones you liked and the ones you hated. I will bring them around you in a circle, and then I will strip off your clothes and let them see you naked. Eze 16:38 I will condemn you for adultery and murder, and in my anger and fury I will punish you with death. Eze 16:39 I will put you in their power, and they will tear down the places where you engage in prostitution and worship idols. They will take away your clothes and jewels and leave you completely naked. Eze 16:40 "They will stir up a crowd to stone you, and they will cut you to pieces with their swords. Eze 16:41 They will burn your houses down and let crowds of women see your punishment. I will make you stop being a prostitute and make you stop giving gifts to your lovers.

It is written, Num 5:27 If she has committed adultery, the water will cause bitter pain; her stomach will swell up and her genital organs will shrink. Her name will become a curse among her people.

It is written, Jer 30:14 All your lovers have forgotten you; they no longer care about you. I have attacked you like an enemy; your punishment has been harsh because your sins are many and your wickedness is great.

Yes, God Deals with the adulterer and the He dealt with those before us:

Will He deal the same with the adulterer today as He did in the bible?

Note: It is written, Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.

And Heres a Warning: It is written, Heb 12:25 See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven:

It is written, Heb 13:4 Let marriage be had in honor among all, and let the bed be undefiled: for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

It is written, Jer 5:7 How can I pardon thee? thy children have forsaken me, and sworn by them that are no gods: when I had fed them to the full, they committed adultery, and assembled themselves in troops at the harlots' houses

It is written, Jer 29:22 And of them shall be taken up a curse by all the captivity of Judah which are in Babylon, saying, The LORD make thee like Zedekiah and like Ahab, whom the king of Babylon roasted in the fire; Jer 29:23 Because they have committed villany in Israel, and have committed adultery with their neighbours' wives, and have spoken lying words in my name, which I have not commanded them; even I know, and am a witness, saith the LORD.

It is written, Col 3:4 Your real life is Christ and when he appears, then you too will appear with him and share his glory! Col 3:5 You must put to death, then, the earthly desires at work in you, such as sexual immorality, indecency, lust, evil passions, and greed (for greed is a form of idolatry). Col 3:6 Because of such things God's anger will come upon those who do not obey him.

What did God do about adultery back in the bible? Here is a testimony of punishment to warn us!

It is written, 2Sa 11:3 And David sent and enquired after the woman. And one said, Is not this Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam, the wife of Uriah the Hittite? 2Sa 11:4 And David sent messengers, and took her; and she came in unto him, and he lay with her; for she was purified from her uncleanness: and she returned unto her house. 2Sa 12:1 And the LORD sent Nathan unto David. And he came unto him, and said unto him, There were two men in one city; the one rich, and the other poor. 2Sa 12:2 The rich man had exceeding many flocks and herds: 2Sa 12:3 But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter. 2Sa 12:4 And there came a traveller unto the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd, to dress for the wayfaring man that was come unto him; but took the poor man's lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him. 2Sa 12:5 And David's anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing shall surely die: 2Sa 12:6 And he shall restore the lamb fourfold, because he did this thing, and because he had no pity. 2Sa 12:7 And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul; 2Sa 12:9 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD, to do evil in his sight? 2Sa 12:10 Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. 2Sa 12:11 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 2Sa 12:12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun. 2Sa 12:15 And Nathan departed unto his house. And the LORD struck the child that Uriah's wife bare unto David, and it was very sick. 2Sa 12:18 And it came to pass on the seventh day, that the child died. And the servants of David feared to tell him that the child was dead: for they said, Behold, while the child was yet alive, we spake unto him, and he would not hearken unto our voice: how will he then vex himself, if we tell him that the child is dead? Then………..King David had three other children besides this child that died at birth, two sons, Absalom and Amnon, and a daughter Tamar, and as God said, they were not spared as well. 2Sa 13:1 And it came to pass after this, that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister, whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her. 2Sa 13:2 And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin; and Amnon thought it hard for him to do any thing to her. 2Sa 13:10 And Amnon said unto Tamar, Bring the meat into the chamber, that I may eat of thine hand. And Tamar took the cakes which she had made, and brought them into the chamber to Amnon her brother. 2Sa 13:11 And when she had brought them unto him to eat, he took hold of her, and said unto her, Come lie with me, my sister. 2Sa 13:12 And she answered him, Nay, my brother, do not force me; for no such thing ought to be done in Israel: do not thou this folly. 2Sa 13:13 And I, whither shall I cause my shame to go? and as for thee, thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, I pray thee, speak unto the king; for he will not withhold me from thee. 2Sa 13:14 Howbeit he would not hearken unto her voice: but, being stronger than she, forced her, and lay with her. (Incest comes to Davids house and his daughter is defiled) 2Sa 13:15 Then Amnon hated her exceedingly; so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had loved her. And Amnon said unto her, Arise, be gone. 2Sa 13:20 And Absalom her brother said unto her, Hath Amnon thy brother been with thee? but hold now thy peace, my sister: he is thy brother; regard not this thing. So Tamar remained desolate in her brother Absalom's house. 2Sa 13:22 And Absalom spake unto his brother Amnon neither good nor bad: for Absalom hated Amnon, (Hate has come to Davids house) because he had forced his sister Tamar. 2Sa 13:28 Now Absalom had commanded his servants, saying, Mark ye now when Amnon's heart is merry with wine, and when I say unto you, Smite Amnon; then kill him, (Another son of Davids loses his life) fear not: have not I commanded you? be courageous, and be valiant. 2Sa 13:29 And the servants of Absalom did unto Amnon as Absalom had commanded. Then all the king's sons arose, and every man gat him up upon his mule, and fled. 2Sa 18:9 And Absalom met the servants of David. And Absalom rode upon a mule, and the mule went under the thick boughs of a great oak, and his head caught hold of the oak, and he was taken up between the heaven and the earth; and the mule that was under him went away. 2Sa 18:17 And they took Absalom, and cast him into a great pit in the wood, and laid a very great heap of stones upon him (Davids third and last son loses his life): and all Israel fled every one to his tent.

King David, beloved of God, His chosen, (the head of the linage of Christ, and thus why Christ is called son of man), because he took the wife of Uriah in adultery, lost all of his sons, and his daughter was molested by one of his sons and defiled. God cursed the house of David for what he did with Bathsheba, and hate, death and incest visited his house because of it. But also as God spoke, Davids son came against him and his kingdom also (a lot of hate came to his house) and David spent a long time in a war with his own son before he died, so David suffered the separation with his only son left to him, and then lost him as well during a battle between them, how horrible is that. 2Sa 15:14 And David said unto all his servants that were with him at Jerusalem, Arise, and let us flee; for we shall not else escape from Absalom: make speed to depart, lest he overtake us suddenly, and bring evil upon us, and smite the city with the edge of the sword.


It is written, Mat 22:44 'The Lord said to my Lord: Sit here at my right side until I put your enemies under your feet.'

It is written, Exo 15:6 "Your right hand, LORD, is awesome in power; it breaks the enemy in pieces.

It is written, Exo 23:27 "I will make the people who oppose you afraid of me; I will bring confusion among the people against whom you fight, and I will make all your enemies turn and run from you.

It is written, Lev 26:7 You will be victorious over your enemies;

It is written, Deu 28:7 "The LORD will defeat your enemies when they attack you. They will attack from one direction, but they will run from you in all directions.

It is written, Deu 30:7 He will turn all these curses against your enemies, who hated you and oppressed you,

It is written, Deu 32:34 "The LORD remembers what their enemies have done; he waits for the right time to punish them.

It is written, 1Sa 25:29 If anyone should attack you and try to kill you, the LORD your God will keep you safe, as someone guards a precious treasure. As for your enemies, however, he will throw them away, as someone hurls stones with a sling.

It is written, Psa 6:10 My enemies will know the bitter shame of defeat; in sudden confusion they will be driven away.

It is written, Psa 41:2 The LORD will protect them and preserve their lives; he will make them happy in the land; he will not abandon them to the power of their enemies.

It is written, Psa 44:5 and by your power we defeat our enemies.

It is written, Psa 53:5 But then they will become terrified, as they have never been before, for God will scatter the bones of the enemies of his people. God has rejected them, and so Israel will totally defeat them.

It is written, Psa 68:21 God will surely break the heads of his enemies, of those who persist in their sinful ways.

It is written, Psa 89:22 His enemies will never succeed against him; the wicked will not defeat him.

It is written, Psa 92:9 We know that your enemies will die, and all the wicked will be defeated.

It is written, Psa 118:7 It is the LORD who helps me, and I will see my enemies defeated.

It is written, Psa 118:10 Many enemies were around me; but I destroyed them by the power of the LORD!

It is written, Psa 124:6 Let us thank the LORD, who has not let our enemies destroy us.

It is written, Psa 138:7 When I am surrounded by troubles, you keep me safe. You oppose my angry enemies and save me by your power.

It is written, Isa 26:11 Your enemies do not know that you will punish them. LORD, put them to shame and let them suffer; let them suffer the punishment you have prepared. Show them how much you love your people.

It is written, Isa 33:1 Our enemies are doomed! They have robbed and betrayed, although no one has robbed them or betrayed them. But their time to rob and betray will end, and they themselves will become victims of robbery and treachery.

It is written, Isa 34:8 This is the time when the LORD will rescue Zion and take vengeance on her enemies.

It is written, Zec 8:2 "I have longed to help Jerusalem because of my deep love for her people, a love which has made me angry with her enemies.

It is written, Isa 63:4 I decided that the time to save my people had come; it was time to punish their enemies.

It is written, Jer 30:16 But now, all who devour you will be devoured, and all your enemies will be taken away as prisoners. All who oppress you will be oppressed, and all who plunder you will be plundered.

It is written, Jer 30:17 I will make you well again; I will heal your wounds, though your enemies say, 'Zion is an outcast; no one cares about her.' I, the LORD, have spoken."

It is written, Jer 51:36 And so the LORD said to the people of Jerusalem, "I will take up your cause and will make your enemies pay for what they did to you. I will dry up the source of Babylonia's water and make its rivers go dry.

It is written, Mic 7:10 Then our enemies will see this and be disgraced---the same enemies who taunted us by asking, "Where is the LORD your God?" We will see them defeated, trampled down like mud in the streets.

Know that Gods word will not be mocked, He will perform it!
It is written, Num 23:19 God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?

It is written, Isa 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

God does defend the injured Christian spouse....

It is written, Pro 20:22 Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.

It is written, Pro 22:23 For the Lord will give support to their cause, and take the life of those who take their goods.

It is written, 1Sa 24:15 The LORD will judge, and he will decide which one of us is wrong. May he look into the matter, defend me, and save me from you."

It is written, Psa 55:22 Leave your troubles with the LORD, and he will defend you; he never lets honest people be defeated.

It is written, Psa 91:4 He will cover you with his wings; you will be safe in his care; his faithfulness will protect and defend you.

It is written, Psa 135:14 The LORD will defend his people; he will take pity on his servants.

It is written, Isa 11:4 he will judge the poor fairly and defend the rights of the helpless. At his command the people will be punished, and evil persons will die.

It is written, Isa 54:17 But no weapon will be able to hurt you; you will have an answer for all who accuse you. I will defend my servants and give them victory." The LORD has spoken.

It is written, Isa 60:18 The sounds of violence will be heard no more; Destruction will not shatter your country again. I will protect and defend you like a wall; You will praise me because I have saved you.

It is written, Joe 3:16 The LORD roars from Mount Zion; his voice thunders from Jerusalem; earth and sky tremble. But he will defend his people.

It is written, 2Co 6:2 Hear what God says: "When the time came for me to show you favor, I heard you; when the day arrived for me to save you, I helped you." Listen! This is the hour to receive God's favor; today is the day to be saved!

It is written, Pro 23:18 For without doubt there is a future, and your hope will not be cut off.

In case you need more, Other word of God about sinning against Him:

It is written, Pro 16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

It is written, Pro 17:11 An evil man seeketh only rebellion: therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

It is written, Pro 17:13 Whoso rewardeth evil for good, evil shall not depart from his house.

It is written, Pro 17:15 He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the LORD.

It is written, Pro 19:5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.

It is written, Pro 19:9 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.

It is written, Pro 19:16 He that keepeth the commandment keepeth his own soul; but he that despiseth his ways shall die.

It is written, Pro 19:29 Judgments are prepared for scorners (of His word), and stripes for the back of fools.

It is written, Pro 20:17 Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel.

It is written, Pro 21:12 The righteous man wisely considereth the house of the wicked: but God overthroweth the wicked for their wickedness.

It is written, Pro 22:3 A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.

It is written, Pro 22:5 Thorns and snares are in the way of the perverse: He that keepeth his soul shall be far from them.

It is written, Pro 22:8 He that soweth iniquity shall reap calamity; And the rod of his wrath shall fail.

It is written, Pro 24:16 For an upright man, after falling seven times, will get up again: but trouble is the downfall of the evil.

It is written, Pro 24:20 For there will be no future for the evil man; the light of sinners will be put out.

By Kristie Shrieves
Covenant Partner Restoration Ministries

God bless you, Kristie


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