Unlike other marriage restoration sites, the Lord led me out to share, and not sell, help for those seeking Him for restoration of their marriage, home and familys. I have known this battle and how wearing and spiritually difficult it is. The Lord has matured me through this trial by fire and taught me many things, as well as I have studied all the other 'for sale' helps, and I own all the books. Please know that I am not saying there is anything wrong with financing a ministry through the selling of their written help material, most ministrys do so. I just feel led to finance this ministry through love seed offerings and letting the Lord provide as He will, as this is His service to the people, not mine, He has merely used me to tend it. Another reason is because I know how well sowing a seed for your miracle works to bring a breakthrough, it was a seed offering that brought my husband home the morning I mailed it. So financing this ministry by seed love offerings not only blesses the Lords work, but it brings blessing to the sower, and blessings is what this ministry is about, blessings and victory! Another important reason for my leading to do things this way is that when one is in this spiritual battle, the faster the help and weapons of warfare are in your hands, the more comforted and strengthened you will be. I do not want you to have to wait for books to arrive in the mail to have the weapons you need to fight the enemy for your spouse and marriage. I want you to be able to pick those weapons up right now on the site and start backing the enemy out of your home and off your family. Therefore, my teachings of how to fight this battle and win, are free to the public, as well as I am available to pray for you and guide you if needed.

If the Lord leads you to sow a seed into this ministry, we thank you for it in advance and you can use the donation button below to sow a seed via paypal, or you can send a check or money order to the address below. Note: When you sow your seed, vow it as a seed for your marriage restoration and be sure you note such on the payment and pray over it before sending. We will pray over the seed on this end, for God to honor this seed and give you back double portions in your marriage restoration. Sowing a seed is a breakthrough key for your miracle! Sow it, believe it, and expect a blessed return! God bless you!

To paypal a seed offering, just set up a new account or log into your existing paypal account at http://www.paypal.com then click on the send money tab, fill out the form that pulls up addressing payment to the paypal id of stormie90@gmail.com

Mailing a seed donation for your marriage restoration:
(Please make checks out to Shelia Storms)
Mail check or money order to
Richmond, IN xxxxx

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