By Kristie

I want to address those of you seeking restoration for a marriage that is not your first marriage because I know many struggle with the question of will God help you in this circumstance, because if He hates divorce, then it seems contradictory if you have already done so once and this is a different marriage..which marriage will God say should be restored? Covenant Keepers is good at slinging this theory around, restoration is only for first marriages, but they need to go back and read Gods word on it.

Gods word on this is, you messed up, sinned, when you divorced before, God was not pleased that you did that, and He would have preferred that you would have stayed married to that first person, or lets say the last person in the situation of multiple marriages, but...you didn't and that is done and gone. You obviously did not know Gods word on marriage then, or you were not right with God and did not heed it, or maybe it fit under the only clause He gives for divorce, hardened hearts of both your parts. Regardless, it happened and you have went on to make covenant with another person. God directly addresses this circumstance in His word instructing that if a man divorces his wife, and the she goes out and marries another man, and the second husband then divorces her, the first husband cannot remarry her because she is defiled. Deut. 24:1-4 She is defiled when it comes to going back to the first husband, what Covenant Keepers would claim to be the only covenant marriage and the only one God will acknowledge and restore, because she made new covenant with the second husband. To go back to the first husband would make her an adulteress because she is in Gods covenant with the second husband now.

A covenant is a sacred vow to and before God and is binding, it is a sin to break covenant, any kind of covenant to God. A covenant is binding no matter what number it is. If you broke covenant before, then it was broken..you sinned, it is already a done deal. If you moved on to make another new covenant with someone else before God, you are now bound to that new covenant..it has not been broken yet, and He says do not break it. He says it would be best you never made a vow then to make one and not keep it, so to not take making vows lightly. We are sinners and all fall short of the glory of God. That is why God had to send His only begotten Son to die on the cross for our sins..we were hopeless before that event..no hope for us that is, we faced eternal death. By breaking the first covenant, or even a subsequent marriage covenant beyond the first, we sinned and fell short of the glory of God.

Now that you know Gods word, or now that you are listening to Gods word if be the case, and if you have confessed that you did sin in divorcing and you sincerely repent, and you sincerely want to go forward and not make that sin again, then God forgives you, it is done, you are forgiven and now it is time to get right and not repeat the sin. That is the key here, "Go and sin no more!" which means do not break another covenant you have made! So, God does honor the marriage covenant you are in now, because it is a covenant and He expects you to stop sinning, do not repeat the sin again, to divorce again is even worse because you are not only committing the sin of divorce, you are committing the sin of iniquity as well..and He says there should be no iniquity in you, that as a child of God you should not keep on repeating the same sins. So...God will restore your marriage if it is a subsequent marriage and not the first, it doesn't matter if it is the tenth...in that case, God says you already committed iniquity nine times over, are you going to do it yet again?! He does not want you to sin again, He would rather restore your marriage to make sure you don't sin again! Stop the iniquity!

I will also add here that if you went into a adulteress situation with your current spouse, thereby breaking up your spouses last marriage. If the prior spouse has been praying for restoration of that marriage, this may be why your marriage has failed. God will honor and restore that marriage that you took that spouse from if restoration was sought by either one of them. That means that your marriage was not covenenant in His eyes to start with, your spouse was still married in His eyes to the person you stole them from. That is the wages of sin, reaping what you have sown so to speak. There are many testimonies of spouses going on to remarry and even have children, while the spouse was praying for restoration, and God still restored that marriage. This is why God addresses adultery so strongly. Again, unless there is that hardening of hearts, there is no excuse for divorce, and doing such and being with someone else makes you an adulterer or adulteress.

Example of this: You go into an adulteress affair with a man that causes him to leave his wife and he divorces her to marry you. She did not want the divorce and she began praying for God to restore their marriage. Her husband marries you after the divorce is final. She does not have a hardened heart, she is praying for their marriage, which means your marriage to him is not covenant, you are still in adultery with him in Gods eyes. Because of that sin, you can be sure your marriage to him will fail, and he will end up back with his covenant partner who has been praying for them. If you want a biblical example of familar circumstances, Sarah and Abraham. God told them Sarah would concieve a child even at her old age. Sarah took it upon herself to decided that her hand servant would have a child for her instead of waiting on the promise of God. What Sarah did is she birthed a curse that caused damage to all. Her hand servant bore a child, then Sarah had the child God promised to her, and jealousy arose separating them all. Abraham lost a son in the wake of it all, his son lost his father, and so on. Sin, disobeying God, never leads to anything of good. You will reap what you have sown, it is the law of the spiritual realm. Honor marriages and do not ever get involved with a married person, God has someone just for you, and it is not someone who is already taken. Only you and God truly know your particular situation, and that is why you need to seek Him first for His will in all things.

God bless...


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