What is your situation? Has your husband run off in adultery, or maybe you have already even went through a divorce already and are still holding onto prayer and hopes for restoration? Do you feel like it is too late and a hopeless situation? The devil has this way of telling us that, and making it appear that way, and many times we start to believe him, then God shows us that we need to hang on to His promise of the miracle we have asked for in faith. You need to hang on to Gods promises! This page is for true encouragement stories, and rhema words from God that I hope will uplift your spirit and keep you hanging on with hope for your miracle. It is on its way, it truly is!


I want to share with you a inspiring miracle testimoney by Rev. R.W. Schambach from Tyler Texas. God sent me these two books of miracle testimonys when I was in the darkest pit during my marriage separation and the enemy almost had me convinced to throw in the towel. Yes, thats right, I said God sent these, and He did. They just showed up in my mailbox out of the blue for no reason on the lowest day of my marital situation. And this story was one of the first two that was laid out before me in opening the books, both much like my own situation. When things like this happen, you know it is the work of God, and He is speaking directly to you. I pray this testimony shines a light of hopeful inspiration into your situation as well. :-)

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It's Never Too Late - True story of salvation & marriage restoration

Some time ago, when I was in Seattle, Washington, I preached a message about Lazarus. The Bible says that Lazarus had been in the grave four days when Jesus finally came. Although it seemed as if He had arrived too late, He was right on time. He is never too late. In other words, it's never too late for a miracle.

Sometimes we put time limits on God. Mary and Martha were limited in their faith. They said to Jesus, "Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died" (John 11:21, 32). They had forgotten that Jesus was Christ, the Son of God - Emmanuel: God with us. They had forgotten that Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. They didnt know that Jesus had intentionally waited. He wanted His followers to witness His miraculous power.

We should never try to figure out Gods timetables. He is always on time. It's never too late.

After the service, a woman came to me and shoved a piece of paper into my hand. She said, "Now I dare you to say it's not too late." Do you know what the paper was? A divorce paper, a final decree. She has just received it from the judge. It was final. The husband was gone. She looked me right in the eye and said again, "Now, I dare you to say it's not too late."

So I smiled and took her dare and said, "It's not too late." She said, "What about that paper?' I said, "You are looking at the wrong paper. My paper says, What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6) This is what I believe. How long have you been married?" She told me they ad been married for twenty-seven years and have five children. I said, "That man has no business leaving you." I laid hands on her and said, "Holy Ghost, bring that rascal to his senses and save him. Don't bring him back home the way he is. Lord, save him and fill him with the Holy Ghost." I looked at the woman and said, "God home and get ready for your husband. He is coming."

Of course, that was easy for me to say. I was leaving town. I am an evangelist. I can hit them and run. But in all honesty, I believed what I had said. My wife and I drove from Seattle to Philadelphia. When we got to Philly, I had a letter, from that woman, waiting for me. I opened it and the first lines said, "Dear Brother Schambach, God is never too late! God got a hold of that rascal, saved him, and filled him with the Holy Ghost. The Lord brought him back home and we got married all over again!"

That is the powerful aspect of faith. Take a stand of faith and say, "Devil, you are a liar. I am going to believe God for a miracle because He is going to turn this situation around." Speak faith. Speak to that mountain and that mountain has to obey your words. That is how you will experience the power of faith.

Note: One of the things that I have noted with Brother Schambach, he is straight to the point in prayer request to the Lord, short on words and somewhat crude in speaking..but based on many miracle testimonys I have read coming from his revivals when he speaks over someone and lays on hands..it happens...boom, just like when Jesus commanded things done. But, you can see that Brother Schambach does not mess around, he propheses to the situation, declares it and commands it, yet he does it in supplication to God. This is the faith of the man...and Jerry said, he is a great man of God and what makes him such a great man of God is that he is a great man of faith!

Here is what you have to say over your husband or wife that have strayed away, "Holy Ghost, bring that rascal, ______, to his/her senses and save him/her. Don't bring him/her back home the way he/she is. Lord, save _______ and fill him/her with the Holy Ghost! In the Name of Jesus, Amen!"

God Bless :-)


Wanted to share a word if praying for transformation of already saved spouse, meaning they are born again and backslidden.

I just got this word in my email box one day. This lifted me up because I had been struggling quite often as to is my husband ever going to be transformed into the Godly man he needs to be, and that I need him to be in order for this marriage to work out. It has been a long vigil for me, five years, and a great deal of heartache, attacks by the enemy and so on. So when it goes on and on without seeing great change, the enemy can use that to work on you sometimes. We should always remember to trust in the Lord and know it is done, even if we cannot see it with the fleshly eyes. But, I find myself sometimes thinking my prayers are not working, what more can I do, etc..this was a direct answer to questions like that, a very good one...it helped me and I hope it helps you!

Ephesian 1:15-16

15. For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all the saints, 16. I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.

Paul gives thanks when he hears that the Ephesians have faith because he is fully convinced and persuaded that belief in the truth enters the believer into God's family. He knows without doubt that God in Christ Jesus sets each one that believes apart, places a seal on them and begins a process of transformation that will not relent until it is complete. Each one is changed over and over again into a person that can stand against any storm without wavering from the faith, losing hope, giving up or being completely crushed.

Paul gives thanks because he knows that it is not his responsibility to make sure these people live a certain kind of life or change in any certain way. He rejoices in the fact that God's Holy Spirit is in each one purging out the old dead way of thinking. God is replacing dead internal parts with healthy living parts that function properly.

He casts out fear by replacing it with perfect love. He defeats deception by replacing it with truth, wisdom and understanding. He conquers the effect of sin by providing forgiveness, mercy, gentleness and restoration. He overcomes excessive destructive desires by allowing enough suffering to develop self-control. All this is fully brought together in repeated rebirths that are like resurrections from a dead life. Ultimately all things become new and each believe matures into a strong servant of God.

I find it very reassuring that I can read this last paragraph and relate to it even, God has done all that in me pretty much the way it is stated...He does let us suffer over and over until self control is developed! I loved the fact that my husband is not my worry..when he accepted Christ, he was sealed for the transformation, and just like I have been transformed, so shall he, and it would happen even if I was nowhere around, because it is Gods thing..not mine. All I really need to do is sit back, be a good example and watch it happen..and that is pretty cool! :-) God bless, Kristie


I want to give you a rhema word God gave to me a long time ago in my battle for my marriage that I found so awesome that I typed it up and kept it. This is what the Lord has to say about your situation.

The enemy, a roaring lion, who comes to steal, kill and destroy, has raided Gods flock of sheep. He has devoured the sheep. By time the Shepherd arrives, He finds that all that is left is a piece of a ear hanging out of one side of the lions mouth, and two leg bones hanging out the other side of the lions mouth.

The enemy tells the Shepherd, "It's too late, its over, its dead, it is not worth fighting for." But the Shepherd does not listen, he wrestles the lion for the piece of ear and the two leg bones and takes them away from the lion.

Why did the Shepherd fight for what the enemy says is already dead and not worth fighting for? Why did he not give up when it all seemed impossible, just a piece of ear and two leg bones that looked nothing but dead and gone?

Because The Holy Spirit says "As long as they have a ear to hear and a leg to stand on Gods Word, then it is not over - because what is dead, I will give life again!"

This is not just some story I am telling you to make you feel better, this is Gods Word........

Amos 3:11-12
Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says:

An enemy will overrun the land; he will pull done your strongholds and plunder your fortresses.

This is what the Lord says:

As a shepherd saves from the lions mouth only two leg bones or a piece of an ear, so will the Israelites be saved, those who sit in Samaria on the edge of their beds and in Damascus on their couches.

Praise God! God says that your miracle is not based on what has been taken from you, but on what you have left! What do you have left? The unconditional love and forgiveness for your spouse and a great hearts desire to restore your marriage. You have the truth of Gods Word that He will restore your loved one to Him and that He will restore your marriage to you. You will be seeing a lot of Gods Word on your marriage in the prayers below. You have faith, because faith as small as a mustard seed will move your mountain in the Name of Jesus Christ. You have the hope of Gods promise to restore to you what the enemy has stolen 7 fold. You have God on your side, and He who is in you is greater then he who is in the world. Lets praise and thank God that He can always work with what we have left in every given situation, and He loves doing so. Giving life to what appears to be dead is testimony to the world that He is the almighty! We love and thank Him for all He does for those who seek him earnestly!
God bless, Kristie

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