By Kristie

Overcome your condition by knowing your position. You are the daughter of the King of Kings, highly favored and highly blessed and living large in the Lord. You are royalty. Your Father is the ruler of all things, and everything is subject to Him and under His feet. He is not a victim to your circumstances, your circumstances are a victim to Him.

Therefore, do not live in your situation, but in your revelation. Knowing that your situation was not bought upon you or done to you by any man, but instead bought before you in order that satan and the world will know without a doubt and be forced to acknowledge that you truly are the daughter of the King of Kings. Instead of praying the storm away, you...as more then a conqueror in Christ and the body of Christ, will walk through it and on top of it with strength and glory, surrounded by your Fathers mighty army of angels, coming out on the other side unscathed and even greater then before. You are a debutante, the daughter of the King of Kings, and this is not your circumstance...this is your debuntante ball, your coming out, that God may show the world His glorious daughter, displayed for all to see, to witness her courage, strength and authority to rule and overcome all that comes against her and the kingdom of God, her power to command satan and his minions under her feet.

You are royalty, the daughter of the King of Kings, and you have the authority to rule your circumstance, and to command it to line up with the word of God. To command your marriage to line up with the word of your Father; your finances, your children, your home, all things in your life are under your command to line up with the order that your Father, the King of Kings, declared in His word. You cover your future in the royal blood of Jesus.

There are no buts, but...but...but you do not understand my situation...but... NO..the only but that exists in your situation is "But God"...
Do not hear with your physical ears, but listen with you spirital gut...you can go into the inner sanctums of the kingdom, the royal palace, where satan cannot go, and hear the plans and declaration of your Father, the King of Kings, ruler over satan and all things, to defeat and remove him from your life.

You must keep your eyes on your source, and always remember that your spouse is not your source...your source is your God, your Father, the King of Kings, the ruler of all, for you are of royal blood and have the authority to command the armys of God, all the angels of the kingdom of Heaven, to march out before you and around you, and take back what is yours, to put to death sin and the enemy in your life, to storm the gates of hell and take back, redeem, restore what is yours.

This not a circumstance, this is your glory, this is your coming out, your time to walk through and upon this thing as the Kings daughter and to command and conquer, to erect your authority as heir to the kingdom. Walk and talk like the Kings daughter, take your position and walk all over your condition.

Praise with all your heart your King, and give thanks for your position, for being His heir, for having his power and authority vested upon you through the royal blood of Christ that flows through your veins. Take council with the Holy Spirit who stays beside you at all times, appointed by your Father, the King; to comfort and guide you and keep you wise and advised. Consider the vast army of angels that surround you to protect you and hedge you in from advesarys and the enemy, feel safe in your heritage and royal postion, for you truly are safe.

When you stop feeling, behaving, talking, walking like a victim of circumstance, a commoner all alone surrounded by the enemy, hopeless and desparate.....and you start becoming what you truly are, feeling, behaving, talking and walking like the royal daughter of the King of Kings, royal blood coursing through your veins, your majesty, glorious and almighty in His authority as an heir to the kingdom, knowing that you are surrounded by the power of Gods armys and have the authority to command your circumstances, that your circumstance is a victim to you through Christ, and not the other way around...then your life will start changing, things will start turning around, becoming highly favored and blessed and you will begin to live large in the Lord.

You know the story of Cinderella, and the movie "Everafter". This is your Cinderella story, your Everafter. You are of royal blood, but you have allowed the enemy to persecute you, to convince you that you are nothing but a commoner, that your royal power and authority died with the circumstance that came upon you, leaving you helpless and hopeless and sentenced to crawling and begging for morsals of mercy. He has taken what is yours and given it to others, defiling it before your eyes and pouring upon you great sorrow. BUT (the only but being "But God", who is there and has not left you for a second)..your Prince has come, He died on the cross for your victory, for His royal blood to course through your veins, to assert upon you His power and authority to rule your life, to put the enemy and all things under your feet. He has spun you around and around, transforming you into great beauty, has removed your tattered clothing and gowned you in the finest linen bedecked with sparkling gems and radiating bright light. He has placed a crown upon your head, and He parts the way through with His command, His army of angels going forth in front of you and around you. He stands you beside the throne of King of Kings, and declares you the royal blood daughter of the King, and all His enemies will bow at your feet. He declares that all the power and authority that is His as the King of Kings, is vested upon you in His name, and you are protected and impowered by His mighty army and forces, you are highly favored and highly blessed and living under His care entitled and guaranteed prosperity and all good things under Him and of Him. That you are entitled to a husband worthy of the daughter of the King of Kings, and His power is more then able to transform nations, let alone men. He is the great I AM, and you are His heir, His royal blood daughter covered by all that He has and all that He is. Praise God!

So here you stand before the King and the masses, how do you step forth as the royal daughter of the King of Kings. Your Father, the King is watching. He watches to see how you will rule in His authority and power, if you will take the position you are entitled to or return into servantude to your persecutors. If you take your position as the daughter of the King, if you carry yourself in His likeness and keep Him ever before you as your greatest love and Lord, knowing your position...or if you will become enamored with yourself and your postion, forgetting the one who placed you there much like Queen Vashi in the book of Esther. As the daughter of the King of Kings, you step forth and announce that you are the daughter of the King of Kings, that no condition can stand up to your position. Remember in Cinderella and Everafter, both Princesses upon being crowned the royal Princess forgave their persecutors and instead of having them banned from the kingdom, they instead...in mercy and forgiveness...had them employed in the kingdom. A daughter of the King will forgive and not ban, but employ her persecutors into the kingdom. She will speak forgiveness and make the offer, and keep them in prayer that they will accept the offer of being a servant and heir in the kingdom, knowing that she has the power to move the Heavens in their lives.

Do not give up ever, remember who you are, for you are the daughter of the King and He listens closely to His daughter and He will bring His daughter all good things, for she is royalty, His own, His beloved child who He takes great pride in. You are entitled to and guaranteed all good things as a heir to King. All your conditions, situations, circumstances, are under your feet and your authority in Christ. Tell them to move, and they will move, just like the mountain. When it seems they are not moving, then this simply means you are going over the top of them so that God can show off His daughters strength and power and right to be heir to the kingdom, and know that it is under your feet. As a daughter of the King of Kings, you can move, go over and go through all mountains victoriously in power and glory as the royal blood of Christ is in you. Make your Father proud, act and go at things in a manner befitting who you truly are, royalty, the daughter of the King of all the Heavens and all the earth, creator and ruler of all things under Heaven. Wow, think about it...we are truly blessed and nothing can touch us as His daughters, what is there that we cannot conquer or overcome? :-)

God bless you,


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