2006 has been the year of marriage restorations. CPR has seen many already just in the month of January. Many do not submit their testimonies, but CPR will try to note them here as restored anyway, and post the stories of ones who have time to write them and submit. Many do not contact us and report their restorations. We encourage all to please do so, as it builds up the faith of brothers and sisters still in this battle. We praise God for restored marriages!

*Rob and Robyn*

November 1979.That month is burned in my memory forever.Here I was,a tall,lanky 14 year old boy playing junior high basketball visiting an opposing school.I glanced over at the other teams cheeleaders & there she was.The most beautiful girl I'd ever seen & I knew at that moment she would one day be my wife.Her name was Robin & before I knew it we were dating.We dated off & on for years until we finally went our separate ways.I married someone else & had 3 sons of my own.She married a very abusive man & had a son as well.
10 years had passed & we were both divorced when by chance she & a mutaul friend stopped by to see me at my office out of the blue.There she stood in front of me looking as astonishing as ever & there I was,that 14 year old goofball(only with less hair) all over again.Needless to say,things took off & we married a year later.A blended family with 4 boys & later we added a son of our own.There we were the perfect family.5 sons,2 dogs & a parrot.
Well, times had changed.My work situation became increasingly difficult,child support payments,angry ex-spouses....you name it,it happened.Satan had taken control of our marriage & we were too blind to see.Sure,we went to church & were Christians but it became more of a social club.We had a large group of Christian friends but my depression
was sprialing out of control.
Robin started spending all of her time with them & left me alone to wallow in my pity.This just angered me more & I had reached the point of suicide.Not just once but 3 attempts.If she didn't love me anymore....I didn't want to live.Finally,one night I snapped & grabbed her by the throat & when I realized what I was doing,I just dropped to the floor.It was over. I pushed her as far as she could go.
I started counseling & some pretty intense therapy while Robin just became more & more distant.We slept in separate rooms & all of her time was spent with our church friends.She basically hated me now.She felt I treated her son unfairly & was holding a ton of resentment.
Then everything went wrong.August 20th 2003.The worst day of my life.My stepson Blaine went to the hospital with a stomach ache.He never came home.The doctors gave him the wrong medicine & now he was dead.15 years old, just got his drivers license and now he's gone.Robin turned to everyone but me during that time & a few days later I came home from work & she was gone.Empty drawers,empty closet & empty heart.
She found an apartment,got a job & started living on her own....or so I thought.For the next 8 months she had an affair with our youth pastor.Here I was,raising our son alone battling depression & getting a divorce.The very next day I lost my job.Then my car,house & eventaully my dignity.
The moment she left I dropped to my knees & prayed to God & vowed to live my life for Him.I was a "Christian" but I was only playing the part.It was time for me live it.That very night I started praying,sometimes for hours at a time,for not just my marriage but Robin's salvation.I would give it to God & then take it back a million times.I struggled so much. I wanted to quit but God said No!!!!! Everyone told me how stupid I was & that she'd never be back.Just give up & find someone else.She told me she hated me & she never loved me but deep inside I knew Satan was pulling her strings.I knew what a loving,caring & thoughtful person she was.God had shown me that many times.She was just a lost sheep right now.
We had a son together & he deserved his family & I was not about to stop praying or believing.Then things changed.I read the Bible & studied His word.Jacob & I kept going to church & doing thing right.I kept my Christian rock band together.I felt a change in me. I felt new.God blessed me with a new house, job & car.I had to keep praying incessantly.Praying for Robin's soul & our marriage & yes even for the "Other Man".
The day came.May 1st 2004.Robin was home but all was not well.She kept calling him & telling me she didn't want to be there.She was only here for Jacob & I'd never be with her again.But, here I was that 14 year old stubborn boy that wouldn't take no for an answer.So, I went to God continually day after day.Many times a day & things slowly changed.She stopped all communication with him.Still, we were in separate rooms & things were difficult but I had my Lord to lean on.He was my strength, my rock, my heart & soul.The prayers kept coming & Robin & I became closer each day until finally Jan.31st, 2005 we became a "couple" again.
She tells me she loves me everyday & we share soo much with each other & our son.She is the biggest blessing God has ever given me & I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay Him for the beautiful gift I've gotten back.People say to me "How strong you are Rob","I admire you so much" & I just look at them & smile & say "It wasn't me.I had nothing to do with this.It was all God.All I did was pray & believe."
Now,here I sit with my family intact,a wife that has found God again,a house, job,car & I'm totally depression free with no medication for over a year.So who wants question God's miracles now? Be sincere in your faith,give it to God,never give up & always,always believe.
In Christian love,
Rob Barnes

*Kristie and Kevin*

After five years of attack on our marriage, my husband pulling away from the Lord and myself, many separation events throughout those years, our marriage became fully restored on January 13th, 2006. We had been a restoration in progress since April of 2004, but the other women still existed in the picture and it was a continued battle. On January 13th, my husband totally broke down, began fighting for me and our marriage, gave his life back to the Lord, and has been home ever since, the ow completely gone from our lives. We are in love again like we first were 14 years ago. My testimony is long and I will be sharing it fully when I have time to write it. Just know that God is faithful and He will heal your marriage completely. God bless all of you!

*Varouj and wife*

Submitted January 9th, 2006

Dear Kristie: I have a miracle report about my marriage restoration. My wife came up to me on new years day at church and apologized to me and said that we will not be getting divorced, Amen Since then we have gone out 4 times and we have a love for each other like we first met, Amen. Keep praying for me to return to the house and blessings on our marriage.
We are going to church together and praying everyday, Amen.
God Bless You, Thank you for your prayers,

*Christy and Aaron*
Christy and Aaron are a young married couple with two beautiful children that CPR has been praying for the past year. Christy does not have a computer, but I met her locally right after her husband left her a year ago. Christy has several miracle testimonies. During this time of separation, Christy went to have a minor outpatient surgerie for her gall bladder. While under anesthesia, Christy coded (died on the table) from an allergic reaction to a drug administered during surgerie. Christy came out of the surgerie in ICU on a ventilator, not breathing on her own. Over the course of the next day or so, she developed blood clots in her arms and legs that were blocking blood flow. They had to take her back into surgerie and were to amputate her arms and legs in order to save her life. Her family called me in to pray for her at bedside, as well as many prayed here on CPR. When they got Christy into the surgerie, they found that the blood clots had all disappeared and no surgerie was performed. Within hours Christy was breathing on her own again and removed from the vent. Satan then struck again, Christy coming down with a staph infection throughout her body. Again we prayed, and the staph cleared up. Christy and Aaron were restored recently in the month of January 2006, and Aaron is now at home with her and the children and working for my husband in construction (as I convinced him to give Aaron a job to help them out :-). All is well and they once again are a happy family. All glory and honor to God!

*Theresa and Larry*
Our most recent and most exciting restoration. Theresa is one of CPRs leaders and one of my personal nightly prayer partners. This restoration by all appearances was one of our most impossible situations. I have prayed daily with Theresa for over a year now, and we had steadily watched things go from bad to worse in her marriage. Her husband was one of the most vindictive and mean spouses we had ever encountered on CPR. A vicious divorce action has been in progress for over a year and Theresa had suffered many blows in all areas of her life throughout the time I have known her and prayed with her. On February 1st, Theresa called me crying and excited, to announce that she had a breakthrough, the first one in this ordeal I would like to mention. Her husband had called her and stated that he had been decieved and would she come speak with him. I am happy to report that two hours later she called again and stated that they were restored. Theresa went home that day and Larry gave his life back to God, a broken man very repentant for all he had done to her. The ow is completely out. Larry is a testimony much like Bob Steinkamp, where things were happening to him out there for the prior couple of weeks, winding up with a Damacus Road experience of heart attack symptoms and God speaking clearly to him that He would spare him this time, but not the next time. Larry vows to be the Godly husband to Theresa that God intends him to be. Theresa is so much more to tell, but we will let Theresa give her testimony in full when she has time to do so. We praise God for this miracle Lazarus restoration. God is no respecter of persons, so you may be next, hang in there with God for He cannot fail you or your marriage! Praise God!

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